Laser Cutting & Engraving

Fashion industry is very active in using new technologies and new materials. Laser cutting
textiles became customized & popular among designers of the world. Famous designers and
students have tried laser cutting for various applications and styles.

And found that laser cutting fabric and other textiles, in most cases, is very beneficial.

Following  to  trend  hence  first  time  in  vicinity  of  Lodz,  Poland,  Cianna  is  a  true  laser
marking/cutting/engraving   job   work   center   established   after   gaining   skills   and   Best
knowledge in the field of Laser Marking.

Our  highly  experienced  staff  gives  us  distinct  advantages  over  world  market  to  design  &
manufacture complex things accurately. We literally bend over backwards for our customers
so their requirements of turnaround, quality and price can be achieved.

Our talent in the widest possible variety of laser marking/engraving jobs allows us to set-up
quicker process and solves unique problems in a timely fashion. We are focused on providing
the  highest  quality  laser  marking,  engraving,   deep  engraving,  and   micromachining  on
virtually  wide  variety  of  materials.  Whether  it  is  a  low  or  high  volume  order,  we  provide  a solution with the highest production quality standards.

Our in-house maintenance allows us to make consistent time deliveries. Our commitment to service  allow  us  to  accelerate give  our  customers  what  they  need,  when  they  need  it,  at  a competitive  price.  We  instantly  modify  our  schedule  to  satisfy  customers.  Our  strengths come from working  closely  with  our  customers  in  identifying  the  ideal  process  solution  for their needs.

About laser technology:

- Best benefit that lasers provide is 100% repeatability when cut small or large production.

- State of the art technologically for advanced laser engraving and marking machinery (Multiple Fiber Lasers Systems) produce high quality & customized markings / engravings.

- Cauterized edges - No fraying

Laser cutting is a hot process. Laser beam is passing through the optics and develops temperatures that evaporate fabric. Essentially laser beam, while cutting, is melting fabric and then the melt becomes a crust. Crust on the edge of fabric sticks fibers together and prevents fraying. It means that you don't have to hide the edges anymore! There are many designs based on Silk Organza, Polyester, Nylon and other 
"melting" fabrics that will not be fraying after the laser cutting

- Loss of material is minimal due to the efficient layouts. Laser cut lines could be close or almost next to each other.

- There is no competition to digital laser cutting. We can provide the most intricate laser cuts and designs you can imagine.

Why laser?

Our list of laser cut textiles and fabric includes and not limited to:

Silk, Nylon, Polyester, Faux Fur, Fleece, Leather and Leatherette, Lycra, various Mesh fabrics, Ripstop materials, Ultrasuede and other Fibers, Cotton, Neoprene, Felt Natural and Felt Synthetic, Suede Leather, Rubber and rubberised textiles, Tyvek...

Common challenges when cutting fabrics are:

  • Complexity of shapes
  • Fraying of edges
  • Precision of cuts
  • Size of cuts
  • Repeatability

But with laser technology :

Complexity of shapes... We can cut the most complex shapes

Lasers are able to cut the most detailed patterns you can imagine. You can send us any vector file, or we can develop one for you from a drawing. We can also help you with your layout to get the most yields from your expensive textiles.

Fraying of the edges... Our laser seals the edges

If you are cutting with shears or blades, you know that some fabrics tend to fray. Laser cutting seals the edges of most textiles virtually eliminating the problem of fraying. This opens the door to limitless new techniques with textiles.

Precision of the cuts... Our cuts are extremely precise

Cutting precisely with scissors or blades can be very challenging, especially if high volumes are needed. With laser cutting (even on leather), you can have repeatable clean cuts with a precision unachievable with shears or blades.


Size of Cuts... We are capable of very large cuts
Laser Cutting Shapes can cut 51" wide and endless lengths limited only by the length of your roll of fabric. We can also cut / etch large rawhide skins right on our laser bed.

Repeat-ability... Our cuts are the same, every time

If you work with textiles, you know how difficult it is to achieve consistent results when cutting certain materials with conventional methods. It's almost impossible to cut the same shape every time. Lasers offer precise cuts whether you are cutting 10 shapes, 1,000 shapes, or 10,000 shapes. The cut is the same every time. If you work with textiles, you know how difficult it is to achieve consistent results when cutting certain materials with conventional methods.

Designers files for laser cutting and engraving

We accept designs in vector format for laser cutting and bitmap formats for laser engraving. Typical formats are adobe illustrator, pdf, AutoCAD files, etc. In some cases we deal with designers who don't have files. They mail us paper cut outs that we suppose to scan and convert into the digital files. We can assist with creating digital files if this within our capabilities.

Our Laser services consist of:

- Fashion & textile

Being first one to introduce laser technology in Poland, for garment designing from any type of fabric through laser cutting, Cianna Digital is ensuring the best & aesthetic development of unique designs in fashion world.

Our process allows laser engraving of fabrics. There are cases when designers want to have logos or process notes to be engraved. Laser engraving felt, neoprene, leather and velvets produces very interesting surfaces similar to embossing or branding.

Laser cutting is also possible on 100% wool, silk, leather, mohair, felt and other natural fabric.

We have done it all, including "difficult" natural materials mentioned in the title. Yes, we can laser cut and engrave such material,

- Laser shoe engrave & punch cutting

Every single component of a shoe can be processed with laser technology: from the cutting of the upper to the decoration of the sole and heel and the functional treatment of the inner and outer sections. Examples: preparation of the insole and roughing.

The processing carried out to date in the footwear sector for aesthetic purposes is now evolving thanks to the possibility of conceiving production processes in a non-traditional manner.

- Laser designed handbags 

- Laser cutting for automotive industry

o Automotive industry is using laser cutting fabric mostly for two items: Laser cut safety airbags as well interior covering. 

Laser cutting automotive airbags provides 100% consistency.

Laser cutting airbags

Cutting airbags with laser cutting machines allows very efficient R&D stage. Any changes in design could be implemented on laser cutting machines within minutes. At the end laser cut bags are consistent in size, shape and patterns. Laser heat enables healing of the edges. Layouts of the patterns are usually done highly efficient as well.

Laser cutting interiors for the automotive industry.

Laser Cutting upholstery is very well known process. Laser cut part are precise, consistent and very accurate compare to other cutting processes. Laser cutting leather, leatherettes, felt, suede and other materials is bringing highly efficient process to automotive industry. One of the interesting steps in laser cutting seats is ability to perforate the fabric or leather with a tight array of the holes of the certain pattern and size.

Laser perforating fabric

One of the desirable processes is a laser perforation. This step of laser cutting seats is perforating the fabric or leather with a tight array of the holes of the certain pattern and size. Its providing a high level of comfort, ventilation and absorption of the car seats.

Laser Engraving Fabric and Textiles for automotive industry:

Our process allows laser engraving of leathers and fabrics. There are cases when designers want to have logos or process notes to be engraved. Laser engraving leather, leatherette, felt, neoprene, and velvets produces very interesting surfaces similar to embossing or branding. Especially in auto industry such branding is very desirable and can be personalized.

- Laser designed curtains & cushion works

Accentuate the decor of any place with these decorative curtains we offer laser cutting on curtains. We have developed our competence in manufacturing these curtains in both standard and customized specifications alike. We deliver these cushions in bulk quantities and in proper packaging to ensure their safe delivery at clients' destination.

We also offer an extensive range for custom made cushion covers for meeting specific home upholstery requirements of our clients. We offer a collection of

- Laser –cut swimsuits & active wear

Laser cut images on bikinis is technology developed with Laser Cutting Shapes.

Laser cutting bikinis:

In addition to variety of laser cut textile and fabric applications we specifically focused on laser cutting active wear and bikinis.

Why bikinis:

In many cases designers of bikinis make an effort to add or deduct from bikinis and create a new look. Designers add patterns, shapes, deduct holes, add jewelry, knots, appliqués, and so on. Recognizing this fact we extended our Epic Noir technique of laser cutting paper to the laser cutting tight arrays on textile.

- Laser engraved carpets

The carpet is one of the most frequently used elements in interior decoration such as residences, shopping malls and office, offering artistry and warmth. Various carpet styles create different atmospheres in different occasions.

Laser for Carpet Engraving is to engrave & cut for logo carpet, floor rug, door mat etc.