Digital Print

Traditional production fabric printing by print mills is an established process. However, it is cost effective only for larger yardage; it is not economically viable for sampling and short runs. The colors are limited and it has other limitations due to the process itself.

Emboss Your Designes

Fabric embossing can be used to create unique patterns or designs on all types of clothing.
Depending on run size and quality requirements, we offer few embossing options with excellent image reproduction. Our embossing equipment adds visual interest to your projects by added raised or recessed designs. Combined with foil stamping, it creates an appealing 3D effect..

Laser Engraving

Fashion industry is very active in using new technologies and new materials. Laser cutting
textiles became customized & popular among designers of the world. Famous designers and students have tried laser cutting for various applications and styles.

Lamination & Foiling

Draw attention by adding the especial appearance of metallic gold, silver, bronze, pewter, or special colors to your substrate with our aluminum foil lamination. The metallic leather finish can transform your basic materials into alluring decorative leathers and fabrics; create classic looks that make apparel appealing and functional. From head to toe, cianna foiling lamination turn simulated leathers, genuine leathers and fabrics into something extraordinary.